Natori Spotlight: the Art of Fragrance Activations

The smell of spring was especially sweet after hearing we would work with designer Josie Natori for a media event in celebration of her fragrance line.  After years in the upscale event business, we know that well-executed product activations for legacy brands like Natori are the little black dress of the fashion and beauty world.  Top industry professionals and celebrities should be ideally able to let their hair down while they engage the product or experience the service while having conversations about trends and brand news.

We were working among the great Natori ready-to-wear line in the showroom so we let the modern elegance of the space and the fragrance packaging colors inspire the overall look of the activation.  New texture is a great direction to go in to ensure in-house events feel like special occasions so one of the first style assets we reached for was our custom designed Balsa Wood wall painted in red and white before adding the hand cut, custom Natori logo.  Perfume bottles were placed on the wall along with green viburnum and red tulips in test tubes.  Green floral accents were strewn about for a pop of spring and summer and the red tulips tied in the packaging colors.

Working closely with Coburn Communications, Natori's PR team, is what brought it all together.  We enter a space to enhance what is already there and add elements that shape the client’s aesthetic vision, but it certainly helps to work with a great team.  They a highly skilled hands-on team that are well informed about what makes their brand special so turning their vision into a reality was seamless. Ultimately spaces for branded events and product activations should be stylish, relaxing and functional.  The best part of the upscale and destination events world is that top brands always find a reason to celebrate, create and reinvent.  We love it because we get to do it again and again.